Recurly Subscription Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Blend Recurly data with your ecommerce cart, access subscription metrics, schedule and automate reports and more.

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  • Filter and segment data on the subscription, subscriber and plan level
  • Drive acquisition by identifying the products and plans that help you attract the highest-value subscribers
  • Better manage cash flow and financial projections with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) metrics
  • Easily track subscriber retention over time, and identify which products and plans contribute to churn
  • Track subscription profitability and lifetime value to understand the true impact of subscriptions to your bottom line
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All-in-one, integrated subscription analytics and reporting for Recurly.

Glew's subscription analytics features give you access to dozens of hard-to-access metrics, pre-built dashboards and visualizations and powerful functionality like filtering, segmentation and scheduled and automated reports.

Get a better understanding of the true profitability of your subscription business - and insight into what you need to do to drive growth.

Glew integrates with Recurly to pull data on accounts, coupons, invoices, plans, add-ons, subscriptions and transaction data, updated hourly.


Subscription conversion
Unsubscribe rate
Subscription COGs
Subscription refunds
Subscriber KPIs
Refunded amount
Churn rate
Subscription discounts
Average MRR per subscription
Discount KPIs
Churned MRR

Performance KPIs

Active customers
First purchase
New customers
Lifetime value
Repeat customers

Customer analytics

Active customers
25+ pre-built customer segments
Subscriber KPIs
New and repeat subscribers

marketing analytics

Channel and attribution reporting
Acquisition by channel
Return on ad spend

product analytics

Product KPIs
Profit by SKU
Revenue by SKU

Inventory analytics

Subscription COGs
Inventory KPIs

Recurly + Subscription Analytics and Reporting

Get powerful insights on subscriptions, subscribers and plans, to optimize every part of your business. Easily track the KPIs you need to manage and grow your subscription business, from MRR and profitability to subscription LTV and churn.

Recurly + Performance Analytics and Reporting

Blend your subscription data with the rest of your ecommerce tech stack for advanced reporting on MRR, profitability, lifetime value, retention and churn. Get the exact insights you need to understand performance and drive growth.

Recurly + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Identify and track new and repeat subscribers, as well as report on subscriber discounts and refunds. Use Glew's pre-built dashboards and see important subscriber KPIs, including average revenue per subscriber, first-time subscribers, subscriber churn and LTV.

Connect Recurly data in Glew in minutes using your Recurly login.

As soon as your Recurly data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew and create custom reports and dashboards.


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