Warehouse / inventory management

Peoplevox Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew and Peoplevox work together to give you powerful insight into your order fulfillment.

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  • Visualize  Peoplevox data alongside data from the rest of your tech stack
  • Get the insights you need to optimize processes, maximize customer satisfaction and drive profitability
  • Create custom reports that are easily accessible by your entire team and organization
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Actionable insights for warehouse management and fulfillment.

Effective inventory management helps you control product costs, improve cash flow, gain transparency into the post-sale process and ensure customer satisfaction.

To do that, you need insight into your warehouse and fulfillment data. Glew connects Peoplevox data with the rest of your tech stack and transforms it for seamless multichannel reporting.

Stay on top of inventory KPIs, develop smart discounting strategies, and optimize fulfillment processes to ensure happy customers and a profitable bottom line.


Product groups
Lead time
Shelf life
Inventory velocity
Depletion days
Out of stock date
Quantity sold
Quantity on hand
Quantity available
Order items
Inbound goods
Purchase price

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Manage inventory, smarter.

Easily track inventory KPIs like sell-through rate, depletion days and out of stock date, and stay on top of stock levels to meet demand without the risk of overselling.

Move products to drive profitability.

Know when it’s time to reorder your most popular products and discount slow products, keeping inventory costs low and driving profits up. Easily scale  inventory and fulfillment to support major sale events.

Optimize fulfillment processes.

Monitor and optimize packing and shipping processes to ensure customers get the right order at the right time. Segment high-value customers for VIP packaging and fulfillment, driving customer satisfaction.

Connect Peoplevox data in Glew in minutes using your Peoplevox login.

As soon as your data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access inventory KPIs in Glew and create custom reports and dashboards.


How can I use Peoplevox data in Glew?

Peoplevox data is available to Glew Plus subscribers for custom report creation through Mode, Google Data Studio or your BI tool of choice. Your custom reports can be accessed directly in Glew.io via BI Tunnel or through the Glew Enterprise app.

How do I integrate Peoplevox and Glew?

Once your store is set up in Glew, visit Store Settings and select Peoplevox from the list of integrations.

There, follow the steps to connect your Peoplevox account in Glew:

1. Ensure you have access to your Peoplevox username, password, client ID and client URL. You can find your client ID and client URL in Peoplevox.

2. Copy the values for your username, password, client ID and client URL into Glew:

3. Review your integration details, then save your Peoplevox integration. When you've connected any other data sources, import your data, and you'll be ready to go.

What Peoplevox data is available in Glew?

Glew integrates with Peoplevox to pull data on your carriers, customers, purchase orders, products, locations, sites, suppliers and users, updated hourly.

What Glew subscription do I need to access the Peoplevox integration?

All available Peoplevox data points can be used to create custom reports and dashboards through Glew Plus subscriptions.

I'm a Glew user and I'm interested in Peoplevox. How do I get started?

Interested in learning more about Peoplevox's warehouse management and fulfillment solutions? Request a demo from their team at Peoplevox.com.

I'm a Peoplevox user and I'm interested in using Glew. How do I get started?

Great! If you're a Peoplevox user and you'd like to start using Glew to get insight into your warehouse management and fulfillment, just request a demo from our team to discuss your reporting needs and learn more about our Peoplevox integration.

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