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Advanced Mailchimp Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect Mailchimp and Glew to get advanced email reporting and analytics and power personalized communications with your customers.

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  • Track campaign performance and see the impact of email marketing on your bottom line
  • Use customer segments to target frequent purchasers, value shoppers, VIPs, at-risk customers and more
  • Automatically sync customer segments and product recommendations with Mailchimp for personalized, targeted campaigns
  • Evaluate email marketing performance alongside all your other marketing channels
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More impactful campaigns and communication, powered by data.

Email is a powerful tool for ecommerce merchants - when you send the right message to the right person. Glew helps you get a greater return on your email strategy, with data and insights for more targeted communications.

Create customer segments in Glew, or use more than 30 pre-built segments like VIPs, frequent shoppers, big spenders and value shoppers. Then, automatically push segments and product recommendations directly from Glew to Mailchimp for powerful, personalized campaigns.


Campaign status
Emails sent
Open rate
Revenue by channel
Profit by channel
Margin by channel
Lifetime value by channel
Refunds by channel
Discounts by channel
Average order value by channel
25+ pre-built customer segments
Build your own customer segments
Product recommendations

Performance KPIs

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Build relationships with your VIPs.

From your highest spenders to your most frequent purchasers to a hand-picked list of your favorite customers, identify your VIPs and develop an email strategy designed to build brand loyalty.

Win back your at-risk customers.

Track your at-risk customers and reach them with the right message, before it's too late. Incentivize  with discounts, push your highest-value products, and automate win-back campaigns to drive retention.

Track email campaign ROI.

Measure email performance alongside all your other marketing channels to see how email stacks up in terms of acquisition and lifetime value. Track campaign KPIs like revenue and orders to see what's working and what's not.

Connect Mailchimp in minutes using your Mailchimp login.

As soon as your data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access Mailchimp KPIs and sync customer segments.


I use Mailchimp and Shopify, and I'm missing some email performance data. What's happening?

Glew’s Email Marketing analysis, under the Performance tab, combines data from both your email platform and your ecommerce cart. If you use Mailchimp and Shopify, you may notice some metrics missing after May 2019, including revenue and orders. This is because we pull those metrics from Mailchimp – when Mailchimp and Shopify ended their partnership, those metrics were no longer automatically available.

In order to view revenue and orders for Mailchimp campaigns, you will need to have your revenue and order data imported from Shopify back into Mailchimp You can do this manually, or using a third-party app like ShopSync or Zapier.

From Mailchimp: “Once the integration (Shopify) is phased out, historical data will remain available in Mailchimp for up to 30 days. After that point, purchase data, and some customer information, will no longer be visible in Mailchimp. Your Shopify data will remain available through your Shopify account, and you can choose to import it back into your Mailchimp account.”

More information, including instructions for how connect your Mailchimp and Shopify accounts using a third-party app:

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