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Listrak Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew integrates with Listrak to provide you deeper insights about your customers and campaign performance, plus powerful personalization and segmentation capabilities for more targeted marketing.

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  • Track Listrak campaign performance and see the impact of Listrak email marketing and SMS on your bottom line
  • Use Glew's customer segments to identify and target frequent purchasers, VIPs, at-risk customers and more
  • Evaluate Listrak email marketing and SMS performance alongside all your other marketing channels
  • Optimize your Listrak email marketing and SMS strategy with metrics like delivery rate, open rate, click rate and bounce rate
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The data and insights you need for powerful Listrak analytics.

Glew helps you connect, analyze and visualize performance data from all your major data hubs. Our ecommerce analytics dashboards tie together siloed data and allow for seamless reporting in one place.

See your Listrak data alongside data from all the other tools you use to run your business, and use it to create custom reports and dashboards. Glew pulls data on your audiences, campaigns, contacts, lists, messages and message activity from Listrak hourly.

Glew helps you get a greater return on your Listrak email marketing and SMS strategy, with data and insights for more targeted campaigns and communications.


Customer segments
Email campaign KPIs
Email KPIs
Bounce rate
Total opens
Total clicks
Send date
Emails sent
Campaign/channel attribution
Campaign status
Customer insights
Data filtering and grouping
Build your own customer segments
Value shoppers
Repeat purchases
Channel and campaign attribution
Delivery rate
Open rate
Conversion rate
New and repeat subscribers

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Listrak + Perfomance Analytics and Reporting

See the return you're getting from your Listrak campaigns with metrics like revenue, profit, average order value and lifetime value by channel. Seamlessly tie Listrak campaigns to conversions with attribution reporting.

Listrak + Customer Insights and Analytics

Create Listrak customer segments like value shoppers, high-AOV holiday shoppers or repeat purchasers who have spent more than $1,000. Sync segments directly with Listrak to power personalized campaigns and automations.

Listrak + Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Track Listrak campaign performance alongside all your other channels - including Google, Facebook, Instagram, influencers, affiliates and more - for a holistic view of your marketing efforts and smarter, data-driven decision making.

Connect Listrak in Glew in just a few clicks using your Listrak login.

Once your Listrak data is imported and transformed, it will be available for custom reporting and dashboard creation.


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