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HubSpot Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect your HubSpot account with data from across your business in minutes, for unified HubSpot reporting and advanced analytics in one place.

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  • Track HubSpot campaign performance and see the impact of HubSpot email marketing on your bottom line
  • Use Glew's customer segments to identify and target frequent purchasers, VIPs, at-risk customers and more
  • Import customer segments for personalized, targeted HubSpot campaigns
  • Evaluate HubSpot email performance alongside your other marketing channels
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More impactful HubSpot campaigns and communication, powered by data.

Glew provides powerful advanced HubSpot reporting and insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions about your customers. Our ecommerce analytics dashboards tie together siloed data and allow for seamless reporting in one place.

Connect, analyze and visualize performance data from all your major data hubs and marketing channels in one place. Glew helps you get a greater return on your HubSpot email marketing strategy, with data and insights for more targeted and personalized campaigns and communications.


Campaign status
Emails sent
Open rate
Revenue by channel
Profit by channel
Margin by channel
Lifetime value by channel
Refunds by channel
Discounts by channel
Average order value by channel
Product recommendations

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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HubSpot + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Segment and save customer lists based on criteria like purchase frequency, average order value and more. Track new and repeat customers and active, at risk and lost customers to identify your best opportunities for acquisition and retention.

HubSpot + Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Track HubSpot email marketing performance, create customer segments for campaigns (like top spenders, lost customers or abandoned carts) and automatically sync segments with email platforms like Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

HubSpot + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your HubSpot marketing efforts with metrics like advertising spend, revenue, profit and lifetime value by channel. Seamlessly tie campaigns to conversions with attribution reporting.

Connect your HubSpot account in Glew in just a few clicks using your HubSpot login.

As soon as your HubSpot data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew through instantly calculated KPIs and pre-built dashboards.

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How do I integrate HubSpot and Glew?

How it Works

  • Glew integrates with Hubspot to pull data on your companies, contacts, lists, deals, products, pipelines, analytics and events, updated hourly.

What You’ll Need

  • Login credentials for Hubspot.

Confirm Permissions

Do you have access to the Hubspot Marketing Hub API? If you do not, Glew will not be able to pull some data points from Hubspot, including Events.

  • Yes
  • No

Select Tier

Select your Hubspot Marketing Hub tier:

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Connect Account

Click "Connect Hubspot" to connect your Hubspot account. Glew will be able to view data from Hubspot, including data on your companies, contacts, lists, deals, products, pipelines, analytics and events, but will not be able to edit data or adjust your Hubspot account settings.

  • [Glew] → [Hubspot]
  • [Connect Hubspot] 

Review Integration

  • Your Hubspot integration is connected! Click Remove Connection below if you’d like to reconnect your account or integrate a different Hubspot account.