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eBay Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect your eBay store with data from across your business in minutes, for unified eBay reporting and analytics in one place.

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  • Access Ebay data alongside all your other sales channels, and create custom reports easily accessible by your entire team.
  • Automate advanced eBay marketplace reporting across your marketing channels, customers, products and inventory
  • Compare KPIs across sales channels, see which products sell best on which platforms, and develop a smart product strategy that drives growth
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Grow your Ebay store with powerful reporting, analytics and insights.

Your eBay analytics just got better. Glew integrates with eBay to pull data on your customers, orders, products, campaigns, promotions, ads, payouts and transactions, updated hourly.

Glew gives you a single, streamlined place to report on your multichannel data, with powerful dashboards and actionable insights. That means you can see what's working and what's not, identify opportunities and take action to grow your business - across every part of your business.

Seamlessly blend your eBay marketplace data with all the other ecommerce apps and tools you use to run your business, delivering powerful cross-channel analytics and advanced reporting for actionable insights for a more effective eBay sales strategy.


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eBay + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Solve attribution issues and understand which channels help you acquire the most new customers with advanced channel mapping and flexible attribution modeling, including first-order and last-click models.

eBay + Product and Inventory Insights

Get actionable product and inventory insights to help you identify opportunities and maximize profitability. Track product segments like high volume, high margin, most profitable, most bundled, most abandoned, hot and cold, or filter data to create your own segments.

eBay + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Analyze purchase behavior to identify opportunities to increase purchase frequency, AOV and LTV. Track new and repeat customers and active, at risk and lost customers to identify your best opportunities for acquisition and retention.

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