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Dotdigital Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew’s Dotdigital integration automatically syncs your email marketing data for powerful email and ecommerce insights in one place.

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  • See email marketing KPIs at a glance or drill down into campaign and survey performance
  • Optimize email marketing strategy with metrics like delivery rate, open rate, click rate and bounce rate
  • Tie campaigns to conversions to understand the ROI of your email marketing
  • Export data as CSVs, schedule and automate reports and more
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All your marketing data, in one place.

Glew connects your Dotdigital email marketing data with your multichannel performance metrics for comprehensive reporting across your business.

See email KPIs like open rate, click rate and bounce rate in easy-to-access dashboards, and filter data to see your highest-performing campaigns and surveys.

See how email is helping you acquire and retain customers, and compare data across all your other marketing channels. Easily add email metrics to scheduled reports to track and optimize your email performance over time.


Emails sent
Delivery rate
Open rate
Click through rate
Click to open rate
Bounce rate
Send date
Total opens
Total clicks
Unique clicks
Unsubscribe rate
Spam complaints
Survey views
Survey responses
Response rate
Average time to complete
Revenue by channel
Orders by channel
Profit by channel
Average order value by channel
Lifetime value by channel
New customers by channel
Repeat customers by channel

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Easily access all your email marketing data.

Instantly access all your email KPIs in out-of-the-box dashboards and tables. Filter and segment campaign data to surface actionable insights. Export data to CSV, or add it to scheduled reports for email delivery.

Build better emails and surveys.

Get the insights you need to see what's working and what's not in your email strategy. Find valuable customer segments for campaigns. Optimize open rates for greater response. Identify the right campaign timing to drive more sales.

See how email drives your bottom line.

See the return you're getting from your email campaigns with metrics like revenue, profit, average order value and lifetime value by channel. Track repeat customers to see if email is helping you build brand loyalty. And evaluate email alongside all your other marketing channels to see where you should invest your marketing efforts.

Connect Dotdigital in Glew in just a few clicks using your Dotdigital login.

You'll be able to access email marketing insights instantly, as soon as your data is imported transformed.

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How can I use Dotdigital data in Glew?

When you integrate Dotdigital in Glew, you can view your overall email marketing performance data and drill down into individual campaign and survey performance to see what's working and what's not. You can also see your email and survey data in the same place as your ecommerce and other key data. View your performance through visualizations in Glew, download CSVs or create and schedule reports.

How do I integrate Dotdigital and Glew?

It's easy to integrate your Dotdigital data with Glew. Once your store is set up in Glew, just go to your Store Settings and select Dotdigital from the integrations list. Then, you'll need to log into your Dotdigital account to get your API endpoint. Add your API endpoint to Glew, follow the rest of the steps for integration listed in Store Settings, and your data will be ready to import

What Dotdigital data is available in Glew?

Glew pulls address books, segments and survey data hourly, and campaign data nightly from Dotdigital.

What Glew subscription do I need to use the Dotdigital integration?

Glew's Dotdigital integration is available with any Glew subscription -, Glew Plus or Glew Enterprise.

I'm a Dotdigital user and I'm interested in Glew. How do I get started?

If you're a Dotdigital user and you want to check Glew out, you can sign up for a 10-day free trial - you'll be able to connect your account and explore all our features during that window. Start your free trial, or click the chat window on this page to get in touch with our team!