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What's New in Glew: Custom Lapse Point & Instagram Ad Spend

March 6, 2017

Glew Now Separates Facebook & Instagram Ad Spend

Ad spend coming from Instagram campaigns are now separate from Facebook Ads in Glew. Track your ad spend in Glew by going to the Performance > Net Profit by Channel > Advertising Spend.  See more about Glew's Instagram integration here.  

Track Instagram Ad Spend

Customize Your Customer Lapse Point

Glew breaks down customer segments into Active, At Risk and Lost using a proprietary data point called Lapse Point. Lapse Point is calculated by analyzing your historical data to find the average number of days it takes for a one-purchase customer to order again. This number is called Lapse Point.  You can now change your Lapse Point to segment customers differently. If you change your Lapse Point to 50 days, customer who have purchased in the last 40 days would be Active, customers who have purchased between 40-50 days would be At Risk and customers who purchased after the 50 day window would be Lost.  To change your Lapse Point go to Customers > Future Value > Customer Status > Click on the Three Dot Menu Icon > Edit Lapse Point.

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