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December 20, 2017
Standardize and Centralize Visualizations and Reporting from ERP and Ecommerce platforms

Large enterprise companies born before the digital age face some serious challenges when it comes to making the kinds of changes that are necessary to be successful in a multi-channel digital world. Business Intelligence in the Digital Age leaves most business leaders wondering: How do I begin to put in place the technology, data warehouse and business analytics to effectively manage the complex realities of both traditional brick and mortar selling and online selling across multiple channels? Today, one must consider product sales from channels ranging from Amazon to wholesalers to pure ecommerce store sales - all with a variety of combinations pricing, promotion, advertising and inventory management. The idea of a standardized, integrated approach to effectively managing all that data real time - data from your ERP, marketing, sales, orders, and ecommerce platforms - probably seems out of reach in terms of time and money. What’s the solution? Find a provider who offers a Data Warehouse where the data is transformed, “primed” and bundled with pre-built analytics and insights. Keep the end user in mind when looking for a provider and find a provider that offers visualizations and analytics in an “all in one” solution.

The Glew Enterprise Intelligent Warehouse reorganizes and normalizes your data using ETL and indexing processes that run specifically to prepare your data for both ERP and Ecommerce analytics. The Intelligent Data Warehouse transforms data so you can report on customized queries, metrics, and industry based KPI’s from sales, marketing, accounting, finance, and more.

The Big Money Decision

How do I know if I am making the right financial decision as it relates to an Intelligent Data Warehouse? Do I Try to build it?

No it’s not the business you’re in. (i.e. focus on selling your product!!) Should I Contract a company to build the data warehouse? That turns into a risk and cost debacle. The risk becomes: what percent chance that, at the end of spending all this money, will I actually get what I want? The cost question becomes: Will this project ever end? And only once it’s completed, you then have to figure out how to support and maintain your data warehouse. Along with supporting your data analytics team with their reporting deliverables. The solution includes finding a partner who offers a centralized multi-channel analytics solution that fits your needs.

Glew Enterprise delivers a centralized solution for multi-channel business intelligence including customized dashboards, analytics, and reporting. Glew Enterprise comes with a QuickStart package which provides visualizations and reporting delivered out of the box on Day 1. Glew Enterprise also offers an Advisory Service to help you create customized queries and visualizations.

Big Calendar Decision

How do we decrease the amount of time spent reporting in a siloed infrastructure environment that is barely adequate to maintain status-quo let alone drive automation and innovation?

The solution requires finding a partner who offers a rapid deployment solution for your multi-channel data pipeline where visualizations and customized dashboards are available immediately. To really be successful in today’s environment, marketers need a customized enterprise solution that enables them to manage new opportunities while at same time resulting in no down-time during deployment.

If your finance / operations run on an ERP solution and your online business runs on an ecommerce platform, the Glew Intelligent Warehouse is just what your BI tool needs. In addition to the QuickStart visualizations, all the custom visualizations, dashboards, and reporting are at your fingertips from the very beginning. What takes companies months or even years to build internally, Glew Enterprise is available to you on day one.

In Summary: Glew Enterprise in combination with your preferred BI tool enables all the customized visualizations, analytics, and reporting needed to satisfy all the users across the company. The Intelligent Warehouse solution allows for powerful customized analytics and reporting in a multi-channel / ERP environment.

Glew Enterprise provides an Intelligent Data Warehouse which results in a world-class enterprise solution for both ERP / Ecommerce retailers, enabling companies to move quickly from idea to execution. Want to learn more about how Glew Enterprise can help solve your Ecommerce / ERP data analytics and reporting challenges?

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