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Introducing Customer Export and Advanced Filters in Glew

November 6, 2015

Where can I find it?

From within the Glew platform, go to Customers > Future Value > Customer Purchase Behavior and Customer Status. Underneath each widget is a blue 'Export' button.

How can I use it to increase revenue?

Quickly segment customers by Purchase Behavior and Status, and then market to them with these suggested email campaigns.

+ Zero Purchases

Reengage customers who never took the final step by incentivizing them to buy. Export this list and send a coupon for 10% off of their first order, or offer free shipping. Don’t have the budget to offer discounts? Send an email campaign featuring the latest products to spark their interest.

+ One Purchase and Two Purchases

Use our export feature and sort recent purchases by date. Send a ‘Thank You’ email to those who just purchased to earn customer loyalty. Flip this strategy and send a ‘We Miss You’ campaign to those customers who haven’t purchased in the last few months.

+ Multiple Purchases

These are your VIP customers. Make them feel the love! Send exclusive offers, offer a small gift, or enroll them in your loyalty card program. You can put these customers on a higher rotation of campaigns since you’re a brand they love.

+ Active Customers

Keep this current base engaged. Run A/B test emails and strive to stay top-of-mind, especially during the holidays.

+ At Risk Customers

Reach this segment of customers BEFORE it’s too late. Your campaigns should be targeting and reeling back in customers who are about to drop off into ‘Lost Customer’ territory.

+ Lost Customer

These customers might seem lost, but they are still easier to incentivize than a customer who has never purchased. Run a win back campaign to reengage. The good news is that with expertly targeted campaigns in all other segments, this number should begin to shrink.

Where can I find it?

Everywhere! Our Advanced Filtering is on all applicable widgets throughout Glew, just click on the three dots on the right-hand side of each widget.

What can it do?

The new advanced filtering capabilities within Glew allow you to drill down even further into your ecommerce data.

Segment by: + Source + Device + Marketing channel + Day of the week + Metro area

How can I use it to increase revenue?

With this level of granularity, the data decision-making possibilities are endless! Explore how customers reach you on Mondays, from New York, while on their Mobile Phone on Facebook. (Commute shopping, anyone?) By slicing-and-dicing data in unique ways, you can discover new areas for growth. Request a 7 day free trial and take advantage of our new features.

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