7 Brands We Love - And the Details That Keep Us Coming Back

February 2, 2016

The Glew team loves working with ecommerce businesses every day, and helping our clients take their online sales to the next level.  Our passion for ecommerce also gives us a good eye when it comes to brands with innovative online experiences. Whether it’s clever content or interactive videos, the smallest of details can grab the attention, and the loyalty, of shoppers.  We thought we’d share some of our favorites and why we love them. We hope they inspire you to brainstorm creative ideas for your own online store.

WHBM.com (White House Black Market)


Why I Love It: "You can look at a clothing item and then click below to see a video of the model wearing it and modeling it from all angles. I also love that they have a live agent chat feature. You can also sort clothing by color without a drop down box, instead you just click on the color square of your desired hue."  


Ryan C

Why I Love It: "A site I’ve enjoyed using is for my dogs is Chewy.com. The site itself is designed well, but they really excel in their communications. They send friendly emails addressed to my dogs about their upcoming shipments. It might say something like “Sam, we here at Chewy know just how hard a dog’s life can be and SQUIRREL! we are happy to inform you that your delicious treats are on their way. Feel free to go ahead and wait by the door.”  



Why I Love It: "Asos has a Runway View where every article of clothing has a 30 second video of someone wearing it. Being able to see someone walk around in the clothing makes a huge difference in my buying patterns."  



Why I Love It: "Dollar Shave Club has a great brand video that’s very funny. Plus, they offer a reliable, affordable service and product."  



Why I Love It: "I’m all about saving time and money and Warby Parker makes it easy to do both. The online eyeglass store has a cool “home try-on” option. Just go online and pick out 5 of your favorite frames (from a large selection of about 70). Warby Parker ships the frames for free and you have 5 days to try them out and get second opinions. They also pay for return shipping, whether you choose to buy a pair or not.  Another fun option they offer is social media feedback on your home try-on frames. Just post pictures of yourself in each frame on your social media accounts and use the hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn to get comments and suggestions on your choices."  

Ryan M


Why I Love It: "GoPro marketing is without a doubt one of the best in the world. They have a huge presence in professional users but market well to average joes. GoPro has gained recognition by using consumer footage and publishing it to make you feel like “a hero.” And as their tagline says -- “Be a Hero.”  



Why I Love it: "For me, it's usually the content marketing that pulls me in. That’s especially true if it's a nicely designed site with high quality photos. I normally unsubscribe from all marketing emails, but I actually look forward to receiving an email from ecommerce store Huckberry every day.   I always check out the links they have posted at the bottom of the email under ‘The Journal’ (content marketing posts on their blog) and ‘Diversions’ (interesting articles from around the web.)"    That's it! Small details that ecommerce brands have included to make us lifelong customers. Share your favorite brands and what they do right in the comment section below.

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