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GRIN Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew's integration with GRIN connects your ecommerce data with your influencer marketing data for powerful, scalable reporting reporting and insights.

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  • See Grin data alongside Google Analytics, Amazon, Facebook, Google Ads, and more
  • Automate advanced GRIN reports across your marketing channels, customers, products and inventory
  • Access powerful KPIs and visualizations instantly with Glew's custom built ecommerce dashboards
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Integrate influencer marketing data into your reporting source of truth.

Glew's integration with GRIN enables brands to integrate influencer marketing lifecycle data into their reporting source of truth. By incorporating key influence marketing metrics such as publisher, group, creative, transaction and item levels, you can easily evaluate performance marketing results as part of their overall marketing mix.

Track KPIs like impressions, clicks and transactions to understand the true ROI of influencer marketing efforts, and see those results in context with unified ecommerce analytics dashboards.


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