Bold Subscriptions Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced subscription analytics and reporting with data from Bold Subscriptions blended with the rest of your tech stack.

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  • See critical revenue metrics like MRR, new MRR, churned MRR, net MRR and average MRR per subscription
  • Get your true subscription profitability, including COGS, profit and margin
  • Filter and create custom segments for subscriptions, subscribers and plans
  • Build custom subscription reports to help maximize MRR, minimize churn and drive subscription performance

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Data and insights, designed to drive subscription growth

Glew integrates with Bold Subscriptions to pull data on your subscriptions, subscription groups and subscription orders hourly.

Glew provides you with the most important KPI’s to run your subscription business including a dropdown of trending metrics including MRR, retention rate, churn rate, Subscriber Lifetime Value.

Glew displays the data in an easy to read format that can be filtered by subscription status, plan, or payment status.


Subscription COGs
Subscription discounts
Subscription conversion
Subscription refunds
Average MRR per subscription
Unsubscribe rate
Subscriber KPIs
Discount KPIs
Refunded amount
Churn rate
Churned MRR

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Bold Subscriptions + Performance Analytics

Integrate Bold Subscriptions with the rest of your ecommerce tech stack for advanced reporting on MRR, profitability, LTV, retention and churn. Get the exact insights you need to understand performance and drive growth.

Bold Subscriptions + Customer Analytics

Stay on top of subscription churn and other important subscriber KPIs like average revenue per subscriber, first-time subscribers and subscriber LTV. Identify and track new and repeat subscribers, as well as report on subscriber discounts and refunds.

Bold Subscriptions + Marketing Analytics

Understand which marketing efforts are generating the most new subscribers and the most revenue, which plans are the most profitable, and how to reallocate resources for the most effective marketing strategy.

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